Week 7 Discussion-Jamie Moore

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Offer two alternative effects of these laws or cases to your colleagues, a few sentences, and a question.

The Progressive Era started in the late 1800’s and it was in the Era of the 20th
century and it was said to have lasted until WWI it was a period of
society and social reform. There was a rapid shift in the economy and it
quickly changed to agrarian society to urban the corporations quickly
arose and amassed substantial power and then started controlling the
industry. It then became an atmosphere of materialism and that greed
turned to and overwhelmed market which started leading to more people
being poor and having to work longer hours just to buy food and pay what
was needed to survive. This being stated it started with more people
having poor housing, sanitation, healthcare, and the workers were
abused, this made more workers want to call for immense, so they could
try to reform so they could improve these conditions. This would cause
progressive leaders to be pushed for an agenda of reform but since they
did not want to, and they decided to push back this caused a broken
political and economic system that perpetuated the marginalization of people whom were working.

caused a vast rise in the economic activity at this time and it was due
to the industrialization and because the people had cheap labor and it
led to a predominant business, this growth in the business led to the
emergence of a large corporations that had trusts controlling their
industries thus causing the big companies to take over all of the little
companies and putting workers out of business. This vast growth caused
companies to monopolize within the market. With in 1887 and 1904 nine
steel companies were consolidated into one and this caused major
problems for the government. The people wanted to do something about
this but could do very little this causing a dramatic change with in the

first US president to seriously become involved in domestic economic
affairs was President Theodore Roosevelt, also commonly referred to as
TR. He brought a new wave of reform under the banner of The New
Nationalism. When in office he promoted the rights of organized labor to
exert its power over employers and the creation of government agencies
to regulate the market. His successor, President William Howard Taft
was Roosevelt’s protégé, yet he was more conservative than Roosevelt.
While his presidency began with several large “trust busting” cases, he
eventually resorted to a more conservative agenda which angered
Roosevelt. In the presidential election of 1912 Roosevelt decided to run
under the “Bull-Moose Party” in direct conflict with Taft. Although he
did not win, he managed to split the Republican vote, which led to the
Democrats winning the election and President Woodrow Wilson stepping
into office. These years between Roosevelt and Wilson are now remembered
as the Progressive Era and the decisions made during this period still
reflect in our economy today.” (Jones M., 2011)


Jones M., & Johnstone, P. (2011). History of Criminal Justice. (5th ed.) New York, NY. Routledge.

Chapter 18, “Law Enforcement Professionalism and the Establishment of a Criminal Justice System” (pp. 303-315)


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