Write 2 pages Term Paper – Virtual Museum Field Trip

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Due 8 hour

Pack your passports as you go on a field trip assignment to the city of Rome! Once there, you will tour one of the city’s most famous museums – the Musei Capitolini.

To ‘be there’ we will use the google art project – here is the link to the museum: Capitoline Museum

at the landing page. click on the little google maps figure to the right and you will land in “museum view” which allows you to virtually tour certain parts of the museum

Once in ‘museum view’ you can click on the google figure inset on the right and it will take you to a floor plan for the museum

the gray rooms in the floor plan panel are the ‘virtual’ areas you can explore

Click on those to go directly to those parts (or you can just click the google earth arrows to get around in an ‘ambulatory’ way)

In the floor plan at the top there is a drop-down menu displaying the three levels of the museum

You can toggle between the different floors.

I want you to concentrate your tour on any of the ‘antiquities collections’ which are the types of art – mainly classical – that we have been looking at in class


once you have gone on a tour, I want you to reflect on the overall experience.

You should research several works of ancient art that caught your eye

then choose an appropriate pair of works to compare and contrast

detail the features of those works in order to analyze and account for what they say

In other words, why are its features and forms significant? How do they compare in what they say/mean?

one thing you can to do to expand your discussion of this visit is to recognize the importance of this site (the Capitoline Hill) in Roman History (it’s the location of Rome’s mythical founding, and parts of the complex you see today were designed by none other than Michelangelo himself!)

Perhaps this will also allow you to compare the ancient forms you are looking at with more modern paradigms too.

You should have your report complete and emailed to me (by one person in the group – detailing all who participated

100 points available


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