write a film review of a historical film

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write a review of a film called the journey of august king


1. Film titles should be italicized.

2. 1800’s is NOT correct. 1800s is correct.

3. Do NOT use contractions in formal writing assignments.

4. Citations:

A. If you use a quotation from the textbook, “you must cite it like this” (213).

B. If you paraphrase material from the textbook, you must cite it like this (213).

Today, most historians speak of “enslaved” people” instead of about “slaves.” It may seem small – like the difference between “the Muslims” and “Muslim people” – but it is oh so powerful.

By changing from the use of a name – slaves – to an adjective – enslaved – we grant these individuals an identity as people and use a term to describe their position in society rather than reducing them to that position. In a small but important way, we carry them forward as people, not the property that they were in that time. This is not a minor thing, this change of language.

**If you continue to use the word “slave” in your response, please add a brief note of explanation.**


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