Write a response to a case study

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Replying to Case Studies

Directions: The following represents how you should structure your case study responses.

1. Identify which person you are in the case.

2. Identify which ethical theory you wish to represent.

3. Demonstrate that you understand the practical (prudential) and the ethical conflicts that

exist in the case.

4. Demonstrate that you understand the embeddedness of the ethical and prudential issues

involved in the case. Go through some analysis here (a big step).

5. Apply the ethical issues to the practical (prudential) issues as a preparation to solve the

case (this is a big step).

6. Structure your response according to the “Structuring the Essay” points from the book.

See the case study on page 42 Case 4-1 and the Case analysis on page 44 Case 4-1


PLEASE only use the attached file as a source


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