write two seperate journal entries on articles attached below Motherhood and Abortion

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COURSE DESCRIPTION:In this course, we will look at the relationships and issues generated by human reproduction. We will explore topics including: definitions of womanhood and motherhood; housework; reproductive freedom and reproductive inequalities; the role of the state in reproductive policy; the actions of medical institutions vis à vis reproduction; welfare policy; surrogacy; adoption; sex education; and childcare. We will focus chiefly on the U.S., but we will be looking at these issues cross-culturally, cross-nationally and in historical perspective.


Entries should consist of a source document (or summary of a broadcast – see below) and your comments and observations on how the source document relates to course issues. Typically, then, each separate entry will consist of the source document plus your own writing.Journal entries can be based on clippings from media – newspapers, magazines, presumably from the Internet, all properly sourced – that are relevant to course issues, with your comments (and if you still read paper newspapers and the like, you are obviously older than you look).

Why is this article controversial(issue to the world)? Who is involved with the issue? How are they affected? State your stance..(Be liberal and more leftist please)

-complex thinking about complex issues..understand aspects of social problems beyond just the article.

1st article: “motherhood is still a cause of pay inequality” https://www.nytimes.com/2012/06/13/business/econom…

2nd article Abortion ..prolife or pro choice



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