writing a letter, email and a memo

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In this assignment, you will write one professional letter, one memo, and one e-mail to three different people (or groups) to address a hypothetical business situation of your choice.

Think of the type of professional situation that you are likely to encounter in your intended career. The situation can involve collaborating on a project, starting business with a new customer or client, providing information/reminder, answering a question, solving a problem, scheduling a meeting, etc.

For example, if you are planning a career as an accountant, you could write a letter to a potential new client informing him or her that you are available to prepare his or her taxes by a particular date. You could mention what materials you require from the potential client to prepare the taxes, how long you have worked as an accountant, what your (or your company’s) fees are, when the potential customer’s materials would be due so that you could start the tax-filing process, and your office schedule and contact information.

In that scenario, you could write a memo to your fellow office staff members informing them that you have sent out letters to potential clients and that they should be on the alert for any phone calls for you from these possible clients and refer them to your administrative assistant (create a name and contact information for the assistant).

You could then write an e-mail to the assistant, letting him or her know that if a potential client calls to schedule a meeting with you and you are not in, that the assistant can schedule the meeting at a time at which you are available (you will provide a list of your available meeting times). We will further discuss possible scenarios in class.

Whatever situation you choose for this assignment, you will write a formal business letter to a customer or client, a memo to fellow employees, and an e-mail to one employee or supervisor related to your hypothetical scenario (simulation). If you cannot think of one professional scenario that you could adapt for each of the three assignments, you may use three different scenarios for each of the assignments, still writing to three different audiences as discussed.

Use the proper formats for each document; use full block style (all text aligned along the left margin, no indents, with single-spaced paragraphs and double spacing between paragraphs) for the letter. Use 1-inch to 1.5-inch margins (as you prefer) for the letter and memo. For the e-mail,for the subject line, use wording that would be appropriate for your hypothetical scenario; do not use wording like “Assignment.” Your salutation line (“Dear …”) should be addressed to the “person” to whom you are writing in the scenario.

Your letter and memo should be in hard copy and submitted in class on the due date (as noted on the syllabus). Each document should be no more than one typed page. The e-mail can be somewhat shorter. For all three assignments, use 12-point font and a professional-looking typeface such as Times New Roman or Palatino Linotype. You should bring a draft to class on draft day (as noted on the syllabus). The draft may be hard copy or an electronic version via a laptop.

Use engaging but professional language and good transitions. Your word choices should not be too lofty, but they also should not be too basic and informal (no slang). A professional conversational tone is best. In the letter, because it is formal, avoid using contractions. Buffer a negative message with neutral and positive information at the beginning and an attempt to provide a helpful solution at the end to maintain goodwill.

(my major is international business)


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