Written Assignment | Work Plan for the Business Report Assignment

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The subject is Emirates Airline

I need u to follow the guideline for this writing , and the writing should be clear to understand because I need to give a presentation of this writing.

Submit your work plan as a Microsoft Word or PDF document. This assignment should be 1-2 pages in length.

Written Assignment | Work Plan for your Business Report

Carefully thinking through a work plan for a report, is the best way to make sure you produce quality work on schedule. By identifying all the tasks that must be performed, you ensure that nothing is overlooked, when you start to write a report. A good work plan prepares you to write the report, and gives you structure before you engage in writing your business report for this class.

You must have your Business Report publicly-traded company selection (please choose a company for this report that is meaningful to you and your career ambitions) approved by me, before you can complete this work plan assignment.

This work plan assignment, is a pre-work activity to start you working on the Business Report assignment.

Email me your Business Report publicly traded company choice at soucy_stephen@smc.edu as soon as you can. Please Read the Business Report assignment, here in the course shell (under Assignments), so you get a clear idea of the scope and requirements for the report.

Here are the components needed for the formal Work Plan:

Statement of the problem or opportunity. The problem statement clarifies the challenge you (or your company of choice) face, helps you stay focused on the core issues, and avoid distractions. Use your company choice and the environment they’re doing business in, as your guide for this. Is there an opportunity you can identify for your company, or a problem or issue you’d like to highlight in your report? One example would be: How the company is dealing with the impacts of COVID-19 on their overall business functions. See the assignment for the Business Report to guide you.

Statement of the purpose and scope of your investigation. The purpose statement describes what you plan to accomplish and defines the boundaries of your work. Delineating which subjects you will cover and which you won’t is especially important for complex investigations.

Research Strategy (Sources and Methods of Data Collection). Describe the primary and secondary data you will use in your report.

Tentative Outline. Provide a tentative outline of the report. Be sure to take a close look at the Business Plan assignment and the requirements for the report to ensure your Work Plan outline adheres to the structure of the report. Organize this outline with headings and sub headings.

Work Schedule. Include dates/deadlines to stay on track to completion.


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