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3 part question:

1.According to Hunsaker (2011), “Social justice activists maintain an ongoing internal debate regarding the relationship between multicultural competence—a relatively neutral concept indicating the ability of therapists to work effectively with clients who are culturally different from themselves—and social justice efforts” (p. 336). After reading the article “Counseling and Social Justice” from this unit’s studies, discuss whether you agree or disagree with Hunsaker’s position. Please explain.

2.Discuss some of the benefits of being multicultural or culturally competent, using the course readings as well as one additional, current (within the past 10 years) peer-reviewed journal article. Cite your sources using APA style.


Hunsaker, R. C. (2011). Counseling and social justice. Academic Questions, 24(3), 319–340.

3.Counseling Approaches

Consider the different types of counseling approaches available. Write a brief (5–6) sentence summary of a fictitious client. Create a proposed outline for treatment using what you have learned in this course. Tailor your treatment to one approach. Remember to reference course readings, supplemental materials, and media, using APA in-text citations and a reference list.

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