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business writing -01

Article Reviews The student will research an article (or a couple of articles) concerning Management topics from a reliable, professional source utilizing topics covered to date from the textbook. Students will write a paper reviewing the article(s). Each of the article(s) review should be written in the following format using these SUBHEADINGS: Major Thesis (a […]

technique counseling week 11

There is a simple formula for endings that can be applied to ending this course: Look back, look forward, then say goodbye. You can look back upon the total experience of this course from the beginning to the end and become aware of what changes, if any, have occurred in your own thoughts, behaviors, feelings, […]

please follow instruction and need work on time

Background: Kirk (2016) designed his text to help understand the four steps involved in working with data. Kirk (2016) discusses the following working with data steps: Data acquisition, data examination, data transformation, and data exploration. Each step is important and the individual steps depend on each other. As a researcher, you cannot jump from data […]

Journal Practice, English homework help

Here is an activity to give you structure for your first journal entry. After you read the section on journal-keeping in your text, complete the two practice entries below. Journal Practice 1 Create a two-column table in a Word document. In the left column, write an action-packed description of an experience that happened to you […]

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1)I contributed by logging onto Blackboard a few times a day to see if anyone had any questions or suggestions about our assignment. I tried to answer questions as best as I could and completed my part of the assignment as soon and as I could. I aslo gave feedback to other team memeber. I […]

the relationship between Japanese and Western art between 1876 to 1945

The easy must include a substantive overview of your topic. The thesis/purpose statement should be included in this introduction. Images: Your easy must include at least 4 images (2from Japan and 2from Europe and/or the U.S.). For each image, provide a caption with full identification and an appropriate citation, properly formatted: Chicago: https://sites.google.com/a/colgate.edu/colgatevr/c… Analysis:For each […]

Text Chapters 4, 5, and 6

Rubric: (a) introduction – write your perception of the entire chapter/article/YouTube video, (b) discuss one or two themes/concepts you like in the reading/video in relation to your experience/life, and (c) conclusion — synthesize the themes/concepts. Not less than 250 words. Text, Ch. 4: “Subjective culture: What is the base upon which cultural communication is built?” […]

Finish the 3 tasks. Financial modeling with excel

Task 1: (1) The daily returns of five different stocks as well as thedaily returns of the S&P 500 are given. Convert the data to an Excel table and rename the table “TableDailyReturns.” In the space provided, give the reason for why the source data should be converted to an Excel table. (2)Create a scatter […]