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Case study: jax

 Purpose:Analyze and apply critical thinking skills in the psychopathology of mental health patients and provide treatment and health promotion while applying evidence-based research.Scenario: Jax is a 66-year-old Caucasian female whose wife has encouraged her to seek treatment. She has never been in therapy before, and has no history of depression or anxiety. However, her alcohol […]


Discuss  the underlying assumptions and potential ramifications of having proxy subjective health status or evaluation measures for children or those unable to speak for themselves. 450 words. APA 7th edition. 2 references within 5 years. WITH THIS ASSIGNMENT TWO (2) DIFFERENT DISCUSSION POST REPLIES ARE ALSO REQUESTED. 200 WORDS WITH 1-2 DIFFERENT REFERENCES EACH.

Assessment 1 instructions: assessing the problem: leadership,

NURFPX-4900  Assessment 1 Instructions: Assessing the Problem: Leadership, Collaboration, Communication, Change Management, and Policy Considerations · In a 5-7 page written assessment, define the patient, family, or population health problem that will be the focus of your capstone project. Assess the problem from a leadership, collaboration, communication, change management, and policy perspective. Plan to spend […]

Ep values

Instructions Use the table to answer the 11 questions below.  Be sure to explain each answer thoroughly. Do NOT include a numerical answer without explaining how you arrived at the solution. Fasting Blood Sugar Values Table Alpha FBS Group Beta FBS Group 95  90 100 100 125 125 175 200 250  550 Assignment Questions Answer the […]

Nr w14

DISCUSSION Part One: Think about an issue at your current place of practice. What is that issue and how would you submit a research proposal? Part Two: Identify a policy/procedure at your workplace that you would like to improve through evidence-based research or discuss one that has been improved because of evidence-based research. 250 WORDS  […]

Assign 1

 Create an abstract Provides a professional, scholarly synopsis of the capstone project States the purpose of the capstone clearly and succinctly Provides a brief rationale for the capstone project. Describes the design and methodology of the main activities of the project Describes the expected results or the outcomes of the capstone. Provides a summary statement […]

Nightingale case study – 1000 words

Case Study: Mrs. Adams, a 68-year-old widow who was referred to case management upon discharge from the hospital based on her physician’s recommendation that she is not able to care for herself independently. Her diagnosis is diabetes, hypertension, and breast cancer. She is 5 days’ post-op from a right sided mastectomy.   Mrs. Adams apartment is located […]

Discuss the tenets of nursing’s metaparadigm. identify personal

  – Discuss personal philosophy of nursing. – Articulate changes in personal philosophy over time. – Discuss factors that impacted change in personal philosophy of nursing.  current APA and 3-5 pages in length, excluding the title, and references page. Incorporate a minimum of 3 current (published within last five years) scholarly journal articles or primary legal sources (statutes, […]

Week 9- policy

WEEK 9 1) Reflect on the current roles of advanced practice nurses in healthcare as the care providers at the front line of disease management and health promotion in primary care and many other specialty settings. 2) What do you think are some effective tactics for APN strategic positioning regarding pay equality? 3) Should APNs position themselves as […]