Individual Journal #4 Instruction: FORMATTING: Reflections should be single spaced, 12 font, 1 inch

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Individual Journal #4 Instruction:
FORMATTING: Reflections should
be single spaced, 12 font, 1 inch margin, 2 pages minimum (Due Saturday April 2,
2016 at noon 12:00pm)NO NEED OF
1 page for part I
1. Your
innovative leadership project:
What do you plan to do for your prototype/pilot during weeks 11
and 12?Modules/Presentation Slides with different subjects of my
department.Define and standardize a process in place in word document.
What did you learn from your brainstorming session(s) and other
more recent interviews and mapping that was surprising or unexpected?There were
other factors to take in consideration from the co-worker that participated in
the brainstorm section (gave other insight or ideas to the one I had), which I
did not accounted for. Also involving the training office in how to develop
this modules. Figure out what will be
the best practices, and how it could be used.
What do you hope to “test†or learn from your
pilot/prototype? How will you capture these insights? How will you make
sure you can get the feedback or data that you need?To see if
it’s an effective tool that can be use in my department. See what are the pros
and cons of the modules or presentation. Make sure it explain in an easy way
the different systems we work in the department. Make sure it is
What questions do you have for me?
page for part 2
2. Now
consider your growth as a leader since your last journal (including the Face-to-face
session, the brainstorming session that you led as part of your innovative
leadership project, your growing understanding of power, influence, and change
leadership tactics.)
How have you grown the most as a leader over the last few weeks?
What are three unexpected or surprising insights about your
leadership capacity gleaned from diving into these experiences?
What are your greatest areas for improvement or stretching going

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