soil structure and chemistry lab report

n your Introduction, you should introduce the topic of soil properties and then narrow your

focus towards our specific study. Include a general hypothesis and specific predictions

contrasting the two sites. Include at least one outside source to supplement your introduction of

the topic (this can be the same source used in Discussion).

In Discussion, you should give a detailed comparison of the two sites, including statements

regarding if the results were expected based on the type of ecosystem. You should also include a

short discussion of a published study that looked at similar aspects of soil properties and compare

to your study.

All references, including your textbook, should be listed in the Literature Cited section using CSE

Name-Year style. All references need a parenthetical citation in the text along with the full listing

in the Literature Cited.

gb600 unit 4 discussion topic 1

Topic 1: Coaching for Leadership Effectiveness

Coaching is an important element for leadership effectiveness and can be used as an approach to motivation. Leaders who develop and practice coaching skills are more likely to have employees who are engaged and performing at higher levels. The text provides nearly a dozen suggestions for coaching as well as a self-assessment quiz. Describe 1-2 areas that you believe are strengths for you to build upon and identify 1-2 opportunities for development to assist you in becoming a stronger coach and more effective leader.

i need 2 discussion questions answered 500 words each single spaced

1) Using chapter 10, describe the evolution of the medical profession. How could the changing demographics of new medical school students affect the profession? (500 words single space)

2) What are some of the social conditions that have led to the de-professionalization of medical profession? How is the de-professionalization of the medical profession affect the way doctors interact with patients? Use chapter 11 and an external source to address this question. (500 words single space)

i need answers to my quiz

I have a finite mathematics quiz that is approximately 15 questions. Can someone please help me get the answers to these questions? I have attached a word document with screenshots of the questions.

6 human anatomy multiple choice questions


(05.04 MC)

Lisa adds protein powder to her tropical smoothie. She believes the protein has enzymes that will improve the results of her cardio workouts. Which of the following disproves her predication? (3 points)


(05.04 MC)

A pH of 2 is optimal for specific digestive enzymes found in a pig’s stomach. If these enzymes are placed into a neutral substrate solution, what do you predict will be the outcome? (3 points)


(05.04 MC)

A biologist wants to prevent the bonding of enzymes to the substrate in his test solution. What should he do? (3 points)


(05.04 MC)

Which factor decreases the rate of a chemical reaction? (3 points)


(05.04 MC)

Which component is required for the activation of some enzymes? (3 points)


(05.04 MC)

What statement best describes what happens during the catalytic cycle? (3 points)

powerpoint slides employee

Deliverable Length: 5–7 slides with speaker notes of 200–250 words per slide (excluding Title and Reference slides)

Employee morale is an essential component of a high-performing organization. Employees who are not happy with the work environment become, at best, distracted and, at worst, destructive to productivity.

Prepare a PowerPoint presentation that addresses the following elements surrounding employee morale and its effects on the workplace. Refer to the text, MUSE, and Intellipath as well as research to help you formulate your response.

  • Describe situations and management practices that impact employee morale.
  • Explain, using examples, the impact of individual personality, style, or attitude on morale.
  • Discuss how employee involvement in decision-making can impact morale.
  • Develop recommendations for what managers can do to positively affect employee morale.

question about google 1

Analyze the competitive structure of the market for search based advertising. What are the implications of this structure for the long run profitability of players in the market?

just 3~4 detailed points of view, not more than half page

week 1 forum post 5!%20Fire!%20Aim!%20The%20Status%20of%20Psychological%20Debriefing%20and.pdf

After reviewing the journal articles above, respond to the following:

  1. Compare and contrast the perspectives on crisis response and crisis management provided by the authors of the 2 journal articles. What are the stages of crisis response?
  2. From your perspective, does CISD or PD appear to be effective as crisis management or treatment tools? Why, or why not?
  3. What comprises competence in crisis management and how would you approach further research on the topic?

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writing assignment rhetorical analysis

Purpose: The student writer’s purpose is to demonstrate the ability to read, understand, summarize, and analyze an article, using the conventions of composition and of standard English. The student writer will demonstrate the ability to incorporate source material into his or her own writing and use proper documentation.

Description: Write a summary and rhetorical analysis/critique of ONE of the following argumentative articles:

official english gingrich.docx

Pappano – The iGen Shift.docx

Premack – GenZs Never Watch TV Are Stressed about Snapchat.docx

Twenge – Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation.docx



Example outline 2.docx

An idea for organization (for more help with organization, see readings and ppt in course materials folder for Rhetorical Analysis)

I. The first paragraph of the paper should be a summary of th earticle.

-For guidance,review the readings for summary.

-Include the main ideas; leave out most details; don’t insert your own opinion.

II. The next several paragraphs should analyze the article.

Begin with an introduction, summarizing your assessment of the article and including your analytical/evaluative thesis statement (see example in Rhet Analysis ppt.) Then use the guidelines in the readings to explain the main argument of the article, the type of appeals used (logos, pathos, ethos), whether the author is credible, and the probable audience. b. Useevidencefromthetexttosupporteachofyourclaims.

-Does the author use any logical fallacies? How doest his affect the overall argument’s effectiveness?

-Is the evidence used by the author appropriate?

-Is the argument effective? How do you know?

-What seems to be the purpose of thearticle?

-Is the article written in response to an ongoing


-Is the purpose appropriate for the audience?

-What is the author’s point of view?

-Does the author consider and respond to other points of


-What contribution does the article make?


III. In the conclusion, don’t merely repeat the introduction. Consider using some of the following ideas in the conclusion: Explain the implications of the article. In other words, who or what might be affected by what the article advocates? What conclusions can be drawn from the article? Does the article settle the matter, or is there still room for discussion? Should the reader do something? Explain whether you believe the article is important to those who are interested in the subject and why.

Source usage: The only source used for Essay Three should be the article you are working with. Each time you refer to a specific part of the article or quote from it, cite the source following MLA style. Incorporate the source material into your own writing smoothly, taking care that the entire sentence is coherent and is punctuated correctly. Before quoting the source, explain the context for the reader. Then provide the quotation, incorporating the most relevant portion of the source into your own sentence. Finally, comment on the quotation so that the reader understands why it was important for you to use that information.

Documentation format: Use MLA style. See the textbook or Purdue’s OWL MLA help with in-text citation and Works Cited. The last page of the document should be a Work Cited page listing the article in MLA style.


Grading Rubric:

Appropriate article: Use the assigned article [or one of the specified articles]

Summary: The summary should express, in your own words, the main ideas of the article. It should not contain details to support the main ideas.

Rhetorical analysis: The rhetorical analysis should identify the audience, credibility of the author, appeals, use of language, and presumed purpose of the article.

Quality of writing: Sentences should be clear and concise, using language appropriate to the assignment. One idea should flow logically into the next. Claims should be supported with evidence, whether from a source or your own fine reasoning.

Grammar, punctuation: Use standard grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Do not use comma splices, run-on sentences, or sentence fragments.


sentence clarity.ppt

Understanding Fragments and Runons WR.ppt

MLA style, format: Use the 12 point Times New Roman font and double-spacing. Use parenthetical documentation like this (Smith 17). The last page of the document should be a Works Cited page that lists the source in MLA style, using double spacing and the hanging indent. See the textbook or the online Purdue OWL for more information.