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You made an agreement with your parents (or spouse, partner, relative, or friend) that you would submit a report at this time describing the progress you have made toward your educational goal (employment, certificate, or degree). If all else fails, you can address the memo to me.

In memorandum format (several templates can be found in Word,) write a progress report that describes your progress toward your educational goal. Address your progress report to your parents, spouse, partner, relative, or friend. In your memo (a) describe your goal; (b) summarize the work you have completed thus far; (c) discuss thoroughly the work currently in progress, including your successes and anticipated obstacles; and (d) forecast your future activities in relation to your scheduled completion date.

This memo should be formatted as follows:

  • Left and right margins should be 1.25”
  • Font should be Arial 12 pt.
  • Standard spacing (double space guidewords and single space body of memo)
  • Length should be no more than 2 pages
  • Headings/subheadings should be used as appropriate to the memo content
  • Use of Active Voice in choice of verbs
  • Grammar, spelling, and punctuation count!

quot social media content analysis project quot

Go to Student Resources link (from your Textbook Website), read the “Social Media Content Analysis Project” and start working on it during this week 5. We will continue working on it next week. The final submission of this project will be by week 7.

4 2 essay question and critique plg1

For this activity, read Chapter 6 in your textbook, International Business: The Challenge of Global Competition (Ball) and Chapters 10 and 16 in the text, Evolution of International Aviation (Rhoades). Then answer question number 1 found on p. 176. Consider how the case study is related to political forces.

For this activity, read Chapter 6 in your textbook and answer the question: Why might governments nationalize firms [airlines] and why might a non-government-owned airline have an advantage over a government-owned or supported airline?

Prepare a 2-3-page response that answers the question and includes a critical analysis illustrating how your response supports the Module 4 Learning Objectives.

is is an term paper

Please read the instruction. I have attached required file.


prs 607 leadership negotiation and conflict resolution


Per our course syllabus, I made note that each of you would have a paper due at the end of the semester. I mentioned that you would need to choose to read either The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli or The Art of War by Sun Tzu. Both books can be downloaded for free from iBooks or checked out from the UNA library. They can sometimes even be purchased from thrift stores if you are lucky.

So, what are you to do in this paper? First both books offer the reader insight into leadership and organizations where we might define the latter in terms of an army, a community, a political entity. Both may be viewed as dark treatises but both may also been seen as shining a light upon virtue in the sense that lessons can be learned, pitfalls avoided, and intellectualism and creativity encouraged. Many have read these books and just as many have commented on them. There is no shortage of discussions on the internet.

Please understand that I am not asking you to write a book review. Rather, I am asking you to write on each of the following points:

  • What is the proper role of a leader and what are their obligations as such?
  • What is the proper role of the follower and what are their obligations as such?
  • What do these readings inspire in you as strategies to maintain the complex/formal organization as we have studied it this semester?
  • Discuss in your paper, one additional point from your choice of book that you consider to be a valuable “takeaway”. Explain why it is important to you.

As you address these three points, you must draw quotes from the book that support your reasoning. You may draw information from published sources to support your rationale but you must prepare a reference page and cite those sources properly within your text.

This is to be an APA formatted paper. I expect to see a cover page, an abstract or executive summary, a Table of Contents, a properly formatted body of your written work, and a reference page/s.

I envision this paper being no longer than 10 double-spaced typed pages using a standard 11 or 12 point font with 1 inch left, right, top and bottom margins.

module 7 discussion 8

Part 1:

Lesson 7

Modernism I: Poetry

Moore, “Poetry” (D339-40)

Pound, “In a Station of the Metro” (D297)

Pound, “The River Merchant’s Wife” (D297-98)

Pound, “Hugh Selwyn Mauberley” (D300-308)

Eliot, “The Waste Land” (D365-78)

I recommend you watch the video below to make sense of THE WASTE LAND:

There was also a recent art exhibition called “Journeys with The Waste Land” whose press coverage can help you understand what’s going on in Eliot’s poem. Click Here (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Finally here’s a link to a cool hypertext version of the poem with a lot of helpful explanation. Click Here (Links to an external site.)

1. Choose one of the five parts of The Waste Land and trace the use of two of the three techniques discussed in this lesson in Eliot (fragmentation, juxtaposition, allusion). How does Eliot make the transition from scene to scene? Does there seem to be one speaker or two? How do we make a sense of meaning out of the rush of words? NOTE: Make sure you don’t misspell Eliot—it’s only one L, not two (not Elliot, or Elliott).

Part 2:

Lesson 8

Modernism II: Fiction

Anderson, “Winesburg” & “Hands” (D253-57)

Porter, “Flowering Judas” (D473-81)

Hemingway, “The Snows of Kilimanjaro” ( (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. )

Fitzgerald, “Babylon Revisited” (D646-61)

Two questions:

1. Examine how Anderson and Fitzgerald use external symbolism to reveal their characters’ states of mind. What type of reading demands does this approach make on the audience?

2. How do Hemingway and Porter use internal symbolism to convey a character’s state of mind?


roles de genero gender roles essay in spanish

Escribe en desacuerdo sobre los roles de genero (Gender Roles). Point out how this leads to toxic masculinity (1 body palagraph) (promoting it), and sexism (2nd body paragraph). Essay must be approximately 550 words. Use las proposiciones, las palabras de tiempo, metaforas y comparaciones y los tiempos de pasado, las palabras conectoras, etc.

this is not philosophy homework this is old testament

I need someone who is very knowledgeable in the field of Old Testament. It is a short paper that I need to have it done.

share your initial findings company is nike

Nike is the company

This is a collaborative discussion in which you will share your initial findings. Provide a short overview of your company and selected challenges, and be sure to include information that your peers would need to know to assess your findings. List and briefly describe the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that are the focus of your analysis. Why are they the most important? Which strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats did you choose not to take into consideration, and why? What problems are you seeing, and what solutions are you considering for implementation?

i need help with my homework 166

Have you ever thought about who is responsible for this assistance and how it is coordinated? Agencies at all levels: local, state, and federal have a role to play. Choose a government level and investigate what agencies have a role in disaster prevention and assistance.
Rubric for Module Eight Assignment

Scoring Rubric: The Role of Community Agencies in Managing Disasters



Create a PowerPoint

• 8-10 slides

• Logical Sequence

• Readable bullet points

• Language level appropriate for audience


Develop a presentation of an agency that is responsible for certain aspects of disaster planning and management and discuss what their specific responsibilities are.


APA format, Grammar, Mechanics