3 different discussion posts

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Discussion post 1

Discussion Thread: Loving and Hating the Bluebook

Over the course of the past few weeks (and hopefully during your other courses) you have been introduced to the legal citation method known as The Bluebook. If you are anything like most of us in the legal world you love and hate it! Providing a source not just to give credit, but to also lend authority to your argument is essential. However, there are some arguments for a different, more streamlined method. This module/week, you will be reading an article written by Judge Richard A. Posner Judge Posner is a vocal critic of The Bluebook. Read Judge Posner’s article, and respond to the following questions: 1. What are Posner’s strongest arguments? What are his weakest? 2. If presented with the opportunity to draft your own legal citation method, what aspects of The Bluebook method should be eliminated and what aspects should be incorporated? 3. What aspects of The Bluebook fit with the Christian worldview?

The discussion post must be 400 to 600 words, you
must support your assertions with at least 1 scholarly citation in the Bluebook citation format.The scholarly citation must be real and verifiable online.Here is the article link:  


Discussion post 2

Discussion Thread: Bioethical Considerations in Patent Law

Explain the facts, holding, and rationale of the U.S. Supreme Court case of Diamond v. Chakrabarty and explain whether you agree or disagree with the decision from both legal and moral perspectives. Be sure to discuss whether the decision is consistent with a Biblical worldview, and more broadly discuss the moral implications of patent protection for the subject matter at issue in the case.

Must be at least 300 words, you must support your assertions with at least 3 scholarly
citations in current Bluebook format. Acceptable sources include the Bible. They must be real and verifiable. 

Discussion Post 3

Discussion Thread: The Bill of Rights

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania passes a law requiring all children to be vaccinated for Hepatitis B before the age of five. Jonas and Jennifer Yoder are members of the Amish faith. They have three children over the age of five whom they have refused to vaccinate based on their religious beliefs. Specifically, the Yoders believe that vaccinating their children would be equivalent to placing their faith in man over their faith in God, which would violate the First Commandment; “You shall have no other Gods before Me.”

The Yoders have sued Pennsylvania seeking to overturn the law as a violation of the Free Exercise of Religion contained in the First Amendment. Based on current judicial understanding of the Free Exercise Clause, explain whether the court should rule in the Yoders’ favor?

Must be between 300 to 600 words.You must support your assertions with at least 3 scholarly sources in
Bluebook format. They must be real and verifiable. 


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