An essay about some movies but not summary

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All the requirements and details are listed below. Select one of the films.

Each of the movies below includes some issues we have discussed in class. I am listing these because I have seen most of them. They are available for streaming on Netflix. I will try to think of some more. The extra credit paper should be about two pages typed and it should discuss how the movie depicts the social sciences issue of your choice. I do not want a summary of the movie. I will not give you credit for this if your paper is just a summary. I want you to use the ideas about the social sciences to discuss the movie.

Think of it as a 5-paragraph essay:

paragraph 1- introduce movie (a one to two sentence description) and the explain the issue you will discuss

paragraph 2, 3, 4 – each paragraph should be an example of how you see the issue you have chosen to discuss

paragraph 5- conclusion

It is due on the last day of class.

What Happened Miss Simone

Main Street

Albert Nobbs

Boys Don’t Cry


Food, Inc

The Black Power MixTape


The Weather Underground

Howard Zinn (This is a documentary)

The Machinist


Half Nelson

an episode of Portlandia

Tortilla Soup


Do the Right Thing

Dive (documentary on dumpster diving)

The Gods Must Be Crazy

The Kids are alright





13th – Netflix documentary

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