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1. FEMA defines a function as “an action or operation required in emergency response or recovery.” Any or all of those may be the primary or secondary focus of an exercise. Describe how your function would be used in a response. ESF #9 – Search and Rescue

3. Envision an imaginary emergency operations plan for a small rural hospital ‘Anywhere General.” As the new disaster planner for AG, you have been asked to review that plan and make recommendations for change. Using the knowledge you gained during Principles and Planning, write a brief (250-500 words) summary of that fictional plan. That summary – which you should address to AG’s Board of Directors and CEO – should include parts of the plan you think are adequate and areas you think should be modified.


1 response for each post


ESF #2 – Communications

The Department of Homeland Security and Federal Emergency Management Agency are responsible for activates the Emergency Support Function. The ESF #2 communication, activated when a serious impact on the communication infrastructure might be happened or already happened. During response communication can be used in:

  1. Conduct damage assessment and find alternative communications solutions.
  2. Providing communication support to the affected area and support the response teams.
  3. Providing communication support to federal, state and local government.
  4. Protecting information technology resources.
  5. Provide guidance to the agencies that are responsible for managing, assessing and restoring the communication infrastructure.

Question 3:

This plan is designed to provide the basic infrastructure and operating procedure to mitigate, prepare for, respond to and recover from any emergency event that might affect the hospital.

  1. In the emergency preparedness area, we should identify all emergency hazards that could occur in that area and assess their impact in the hospital and the community.
  2. Assess the hospital preparedness and capabilities to respond and recover from these emergencies. After that make any required change, additional planning activates and exercise.
  3. Ensure the hospital coordinated with other local hospital and strengthened their coordination.
  4. Safety and security of the hospital will be the responsibilities of the safety and security officer with the incident commander. They will secure the hospital and the area within the hospital and manage any traffic.
  5. As we come through many terrorist attacks these days, the hospital needs to update their THIRA and consider active shooter and terrorist attack.
  6. In emergency education and training, all hospital employees should receive general information about the hospital emergency preparedness and know their role in the emergency response.


–Emergency Support Function (ESF) #1 Transportations

Provides support in the management of transportation system and infrastructure during or in response to an incident. Therefore, it plays a major role. Having the ability to sustain services and move emergency personnel responding to the incident will relay on effective transportation decisions. Restrictions to transportation will have a huge effect on how the incident be handled. Transportation support function in response include:

1-Monitor and report the status of and damage to the transportation system and infrastructure.

2- Identify temporary alternative transportation solutions to be implemented when primary systems or routes are unavailable or overwhelmed.

3-Implement appropriate air traffic and airspace management measures.

4- Coordinate regulatory waivers and exemptions.

5-Provide longer-term coordination of the restoration and recovery of the affected transportation systems and infrastructure if required.


After reviewing the emergency operation plan for Anywhere Generals, my recommendation are as followed:

  1. Coordination between the hospital and other healthcare facilities need more work. Having more than one facility will help in surge.
  2. Transportation plans in case of an emergency need a review with police and the fire department after the major Highway construction.
  3. Emergency massaging system need to be updated. Also, emergency numbers.
  4. Exercises and drills need to be updated. Evacuation exercises Have not been practiced since 2 years.
  5. Generators need to have a maintenance team in case of malfunction during an incident.

Finally, the emergency operation plan need more funding from the hospital board of directors. Having a strong plan will help the hospital in case of an emergency and prevent severe damages to the hospital system and make it easier to recover.

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