Capella University Eating Disturbances and Substance Abuse Paper

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Eating Disturbances and Substance Abuse

The concept of holistic treatment is exemplified in the readings chosen for this unit. Incorporating various disciplines and dimensions of treatment, the need for integration of services to address the complete person is highlighted. Awareness of programs and developmental approaches that target a specific population or age group can help in directing individuals toward successful resolutions of their issues. The concern for family members, friends, coworkers, et cetera, impacted by issues of abuse may be overlooked but we need to keep in mind the needs of individuals affected by loved ones who struggle with abuse or addiction and not just the direct recipients of services. They, in their position, may not be capable of providing the individual support at the level of change needed by the individual experiencing concerns. The advocacy and leadership needs at different levels of human development will vary; educating young students as opposed to middle-aged men creates a wide span of need for approaches that speak to the particular group.

The readings provide background in sociological and psychological forces that impact eating decisions. Concerning and considering environmental factors that not only affect eating disturbances but that challenge self perceptions that can last for life, our role is a multi-purposed one. Providing education, enlisting support from mental health services, supporting development throughout the lifespan with healthy approaches to living and advancing knowledge of parents and caretakers to identify and support individuals struggling with such issues and advocating for change in our perception of health and beauty, scratches the surface of need in this area.

How does the interaction of different disciplines impact the development of programs to help individuals with eating disturbances? Include technological development within your response and consider the efficacy of incorporating private, technological approaches as an adjunct to group educational services, for example. In so doing, you can evaluate its broad span of integration of services from several service providers and the use of systemic support to maintain its strength of approach.

Gender Issues and Behavioral Support

Theories of psychology, sociology as well as human development stages focus intensely on gender by virtue of studies completed, consideration of gender differences within studies and the integration of other social elements that affect individual and group responses involving gender roles. Gregory Herek has authored many works focusing on anti-gay abuse. Inglehart and Norris, as well as Risman provide tremendous insight into gender bias and overcoming the social limitations we place on gender roles. It is difficult to eliminate negative perceptions or gender challenges that individuals experience. Scientists have eagerly provided results that confound our studies on only one gender while assessing new components of studies that reflect a broader perspective of gender and role identification without the stereotypical presentations.

As human behaviorists, our knowledge base requires material that will speak to all seeking our help from a medical to a psychological or spiritual viewpoint. In our collaborative efforts, we take this information and determine that gender is not a sole construct upon which and from which interaction takes place but rather that it is one identifier that helps us to view the multiple dimensions that impact gender and role within social contexts. We are required to extract all factors that impact gender. Some contemporary issues include violence, sexual harassment, suicide, eating disorders, earnings and careers. Diagnosis of anxiety disorders in relationship to gender and identity continue to require exploration for meaningful interactions. However, our openness to ideas that would have been disregarded several decades ago promises to encourage our investigation in even greater ways. Considerations about the involvement of gender issues and other elements of social and environmental influences additionally lead us to understanding the differences within a specific gender based on age, racial identity, socioeconomic status and not just between genders.

Find an article that identifies one of the contemporary issues presented in this discussion that can be addressed through collaboration in the human behavior studies field. In what ways does the author provide a blended, multidisciplinary focus on the topic? What opposing opinions challenge the author’s perspective?

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