Contract Interpretation Discussion

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The textbook, in the chapter entitled “Nature and Classification of Contracts“, contains an important discussion on the various ways that Courts will commonly interpret and construct provisions and terms contained in a contractual agreement. Discuss which interpretation rule you most agree with and why. For example, one rule of interpretation is that a contract is always interpreted against the drafter of the contract. Another rule is that handwritten terms are given more weight than types words.

Explain why your preference make the most “business sense?” How is your preferred interpretation rule better then the others discussed in the chapter?

The textbook also discusses various types of contracts. Included in this discussion is the doctrine of unjust enrichment and “quasi contract.” In a second separate post, discuss whether you agree with this doctrine and, if so, why. If you disagree with this doctrine, be sure to justify your stance.

A weekly discussion grade of “A” will require you to have all your postings completed before the deadlines (see Calendar) and demonstrate an excellent knowledge and understanding of the readings and assignments. Additionally, a response and question for one of your fellow classmates must be posted at least once a week. (Note: See respect policy above) Your opinions and thoughts must be thoughtful and supported with appropriate information from the readings or videos, if applicable. All opinions should be supported with specific reference to material from our readings and videos indicating the page number and/or section where you found the support. Every post should demonstrate a substantial amount of critical thinking in regards to that week’s readings and discussion question.

Please use the image file to respond to the student

Also there are image files of the textbook to use for the discussion

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