discussion 4, 250 words

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We’re moving on to Discussion 4 this week.
This discussion is on the topic: Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?
With a few keystrokes you can sample thousands of opinions, afloat in a sea of information. But as the volume increases, the accuracy and reliability of professional journalism is essential. Gathering and sorting the facts, weighing and interpreting events, and following the story from beginning to end is more important than ever.” (A newspaper advertisement published by journalismis.ca in June 2015)
The Discussion Assignment Rubric, which tells you how discussions are marked, is posted under Assignments.
This assignment asks you to post a statement of 250 words and respond to others in the forum. The assignment is worth 5% of the final mark.
Statements posted by the end of Tuesday, March 5, will get the full 1.25 mark for Timeliness. The Timeliness mark goes lower with each day. The final day for posting to this discussion is Saturday, March 9 – but I urge you to post early this week so others in the class can discuss your ideas.
You need to post your statement AND take part several times in the discussion by responding to others.
Timeline: By now you should be getting ready to start on Module 8 on Media Ownership and continue on to Module 9: The Internet and Mainstream News Media.


I have also included a rublic below

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