Discussion board 3 and make sure initial post is at least 500

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Using APA Style

TOPIC: Internships Essentials and Ethical & Legal Matters

Discussion Overview:

From the below, choose a question that you can best relate to and/or ideally one that is most relevant to your site. Respond to one question to draw strongly on the content from both chapters assigned for this week to make explicit, informed, and relevant connections between your reflection and the text.

Would you please ensure that your initial post is at least 500 words?


  1. What have you learned about your need for acceptance versus your need to be liked? What does this learning mean for you in your internship and other aspects of your life? Now, What will you continue or change at your internship? Then What is in store for you in the future about this issue?
  2. In what ways have your past experiences prepared you for supervision during the internship. Compare your past experiences with your current supervisory experiences. Are you responding differently? Are there lessons to be learned from your past experiences?
  1. Which values best describe your personal system of ethics, and to what do you attribute their bases?
  2. What is your approach to making ethical decisions, what is it about your style that you like and are proud of? What would you like to change about it? Why is that?
  3. Think about how you might react to an allegation, complaint, or legal charge brought against you. How would you manage this? Feel free to share if your organization has an ethical document that guides your work at the site.
  4. Reading: Sweitzer & King – CHAPTERS 3 and 11

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