Employment law scavenger hunt

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The employer/employee relationship is at the heart of business.  For employers, it is essential to understand the scope and breadth of laws related to that relationship and to be able to find basic information to use prior to consulting experts.  

1.  The Society for Human Resource Managers (SHRM) is the major national professional association for human resource professionals. 

​a.  Provide a screen shot of their home page.

​b.  Find their Young HR Professionals page and provide a screen shot of it.

​c.  Does SHRM have a student membership category?  If so, how much is the basic student     membership fee?

2.  Find the U.S. Department of Labor Website.

​a.  Provide a screen shot of the DOL home page.

​b.  Find the Forms page and Wage and Hour division section and tell me what number is the form called Application for Authority to Employ Full-Time Students at Subminimum Wages in Retail or Service Establishments or Agriculture Under Regulations 29 C.F.R. Part 519.  

​c.  Provide screen shot of the Meet the Secretary of Labor page.  Who is the Secretary of Labor? 

3.  Find the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) agency website.    

​a.  Provide a screen shot of the OSHA home page.

​b.  What is the full address of the Houston South Area OSHA Office?  

​c.  Provide screen shot of OSHA Website’s Law and Regulations page.

4.  Find the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission website.

​a.  Provide a screen shot of the EEOC home page. 

​b.  Name 2 types of damages that are listed as remedies under Employers/Small Business section.  

​c.  Who is the Chair of the EEOC and who is their General Counsel?  

5.  Find the Texas Workforce Commission website.

​a.  Provide a screen shot of the Texas Workforce commission home page.

​b.  Provide a screen shot of the Programs for People with Disabilities.

​c.  At what website are Job Seekers instructed to search for jobs?  


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