national security 5

The assignment is 6 pages double space and must cover a national security topic. Your choice on the topic. If you want to write a typical research paper, by all means do so. However, other students prefer to look at policy issues, such as should the US stay in or opt out of the Iran Nuclear deal and why? Or, what would be a better policy option. Such students prefer a policy focused paper, whereas a typical research paper is mostly to inform. The focus is not on format but on how well you write and put ideas together in a rational matter. I also expect thorough research and evidence with 5 -6 credible sources.Make use of current congressional proposal on immigration if that topic is elected. Must use atleast 2 sources from google scholar and 3 from credible sources:

Topics select from :

Use a domestic or foreign policy issue (Immigration; Health Care; Ferguson Situation; Russia in Ukraine; Iraq; China in Latin America; Intelligence Failures; Israel/Hamas; Russia in Latin America, Immigration,
The Iran Nuclear deal , relations with North Korea, Climate Change, rwanda genocide and the UN an USA

if you do not like any topic above an have a topic in mind that you prefer using, let me know first for approval.


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