you are going to apply the market appeal robusticity model by mckercher and du cros 2002 on a cultural asset cultural tourism product of your choice

You are going to apply the Market Appeal-Robusticity model by McKercher and du Cros (2002) on a cultural asset/cultural tourism product of your choice. This cannot be an entire city or destination, but should be a more specific and concrete cultural asset, for example the Eifel Tower or the Anne Frank House. Of course, you start with explaining the theory and discussion of the assessment method and indicators as reviewed in class and in course literature.

Describe and explain your chosen cultural asset. For each of the indicators you describe how your cultural asset scores.

You choose a grading system (5 point scale or other) and guide the reader through the quantitative assessment process of the asset and come to a final score and literally position this within the matrix. What ‘box’ does this score result in (A1-D3)? What does that mean?

Give management suggestions on how to improve the asset’s market appeal and/or robusticity.

Format automatic reference using Microsoft Word( easier for later update and check)

I enclosed a good example of this assignment in the attachment ( the file named ” BOK assessment ,check the chapter” Cultural Tourism) .Please follow the given example to structure the assignment.

Font: Calibri 12

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