travel article review 1

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You will need to read four (4) tourism related articles from any of the following reliable sources; such as (probably from the travel sections): CNN, MSNBC, New York Times, Travel Weekly and/or the USA Today, etc.

For each article you must include the following information:

1. Proper citation of article

2. Brief overview and main idea of the article (this should be stated in your introduction)

3. What industry organizations, businesses, companies, and other associations are mentioned in the article? What external forces are influencing the travel and tourism industry in this article? (this should be a major-heading section)

4. How does this article relate to class materials of Tourism Hospitality and Event Management (this should be a major-heading section) Hint: Use the textbook or my lectures as a source.

5. In what ways does the topic relate to your interests and future career areas in tourism? (this should be a major-heading section) (talk about management in resorts and country clubs)

Two caveats to this assignment: 1) Only 1 out of the 4 articles can be about a list (i.e., top 10 destinations in 2018; 5 tips for traveling frugally; 15 must see places before you die, etc.); 2) Only 1 of the 4 articles can be about a specific destination (i.e., All about Spain; Why you still need to visit Rome; Do NYC in 2 days, etc.).

I recommend looking for articles with substantive topics so that the questions above are easier to answer.

APA: One page for each article (roughly) • 12 pt font, Times New Roman, all content double-spaced, 1” margins, intro/conclusion, headings/sub-headings, page numbers, and title/reference page

Example citation:
Mohn T., (2012).The travel industry takes on human trafficking.The New York Times. Retrieved September 25, 2015 from­‐travel-­‐industry-­‐takes-­‐on-­‐human-­‐ trafficking.html? (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. page wanted=all&_r=0

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