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watch this movie and write down a detailed half a (0.5) page summary of the movie + 1.5 pages writing where you tie it to all the social psychology concepts mentioned below (define the concept give an example of the concept you saw in the movie and how and why it fits into the definition):



3self-affirmation theory





!Use the definitions provided below!

1 “attitude– Beliefs and feelings related to a person or an event (often rooted in one’s beliefs, and exhibited in one’s feelings and intended behavior).

In social psychology, attitudes are defined as beliefs and feelings related to a person or an event (Eagly & Chaiken, 2005). Thus, a person may have a negative attitude toward coffee, a neutral attitude toward the French, and a positive attitude toward the next-door neighbor.”

2 the concept that behavior attitudes dont always go hand in hand

3 self-affirmation theory A theory that (a) people often experience a self-image threat after engaging in an undesirable behavior; and (b) they can compensate by affirming another aspect of the self. Threaten people’s self-concept in one domain, and they will compensate either by refocusing or by doing good deeds in some other domain.

4 Conformity is the overall term for acting differently due to the influence of others. Conformity is not just acting as other people act; it is also being affected by how they act. It is acting or thinking differently from the way you would act and think if you were alone. Thus, conformity is a change in behavior or belief to accord with others. If you rise to cheer a game-winning goal, drink coffee, or wear your hair in a certain style because you want to, and not due to the influence of others, you are not conforming. But if you do those things because other people did them, that’s conformity.

5 Acceptance and compliance are two varieties of conformity (Nail et al., 2000).Acceptance occurs when you genuinely believe in what the group has persuaded you to do—you inwardly and sincerely believe that the group’s actions are right. For example, you might exercise, as millions do, because you accept that exercise is healthy. You stop at red lights because you accept that not doing so is dangerous.

6& 7 In contrast, is conform- ing to an expectation or a request with- out really believing in what you are doing. You put on the necktie or the dress, although you dislike doing so. You say you like your friends’ favorite band even though you don’t. You might comply primarily to reap a reward or avoid a punishment—for example, you might have followed your high school’s dress code even though you thought it was dumb, because that was better than detention. In other words, compliance is an insincere, outward conformity. Obedience, or complying with a direct command, is a variation on compliance. If your mother tells you to clean up your room and you do, that’s obedience (Figure 1).

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