ITquesion 5

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Barton met the kid in a bar, Vinnie’s right after he became
the CIO of IVK.  After many meetings in which Barton thought he was just a
young, nerdy kid straight out of college, the kid turned out to be Jonathon
Luce, a key player in the computer graphics industry. All along the kid, or
Jonathon has been giving Barton advice to guide him along in his tenure as the
CIO of IVK.  He has been there giving him key advice, pointers, and an outside
perspective on the situations that he has been dealing with at IVK. Luce has
been a mentor of sorts along the way that Barton has been offering a job to,
while all along I think that Luce has been grooming Barton to become the CIO of
an international bank. I don’t know if it is complete coincidence that they met;
however, if Barton stays with IVK despite the job offer from Luce to work at his
computer graphics company, the information and guidance that Luce has been
giving him will pay off for IVK and for Barton’s career as the CIO of IVK. If he
decided to leave and work for Luce, all of the guidance would have been for
nothing as replacing a CIO and having that person take over all of the processes
that Barton created and implemented will be useless and too time consuming. The
kid has been giving Barton great ideas and helping him to see outside of IVK to
keep their company competitive with the industry and to think ahead and

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