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  1. A URL to access the project
  2. A short statement. Use this template.
  3. please use Atom for the assignment – https://atom.io/
  4. Grading Rubric

Choose Your Own Adventure Story

Create a “Choose Your Own Adventure” story with HTML and CSS code. Each page should give the user 2 options to choose from. There should be a total of (at least) 5 HTML pages. You can use an example site map from the Web Development Slideshow and a template of “Fanny” by Professor Pinkas as guides.

All of your pages should include the required tags (html, head, title, body). You should also use h1 (main header), p (paragraph), img (image) and a (link) a few times throughout your website. Always include an option to go back to the home page (index.html).

Make sure you only use Creative Commons or Public Domain images and that you attribute them directly on the page. You do not need to turn in an additional MLA citation.

Once you’ve completed and tested all of the HTML, style your code with CSS. Use at least the following properties: color, text-size, font-family, text-decoration). Finally, upload the entire project on GitHub (follow these instructions).


“Fanny the Cat” by Professor Pinkas

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