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Topic: Neurosexism

-Pick a newspaper article that differentiates US citizens by sex/ gender, IQ, or race.

I am not setting any date requirements for the news article. You can get this article from any news source. The article can be written as a fact or as an opinion piece. Be sure to attach the article to your paper submission.

-Write a response to the article using ONLY the readings from our class. (This may include textbooks or articles.) You must have a minimum of 3 points that demonstrate the strengths or weaknesses put forth in the newspaper article.

Be sure to cite the original article and all class readings used for this paper. This is a 5 page paper (not including citations), font 12, margins half inch MLA format

Readings from Class:

This is what a Feminist Looks Like (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Saini Chp 4(PPT)

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