HIST 125 Weekly Post 6

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please respond to this thread by writing a thorough and thoughtful 300 word essay that answers one of the following questions:

1. Beginning with the articles by Antoine Leveque, Sarah Jeong, and Friedel Weinert, trace the currents of thought on human variety through the early 20th century. Note how some elements remain constant and others change. How does the attempt to control and codify plants and animals lead to eugenics?

3. How are both of these views optimistic? Pessimistic? How does the attempt to control and codify plants and animals lead to Spencer’s extreme model of total non-interference? As with the above question, both are optimistic views but seem so very different. In what ways are they related?

4. Historians and scientists alike are admonished not to set out in their research to prove something. Rather they should set out to answer questions. How do the Holocaust and compulsory sterilization in the U.S. serve as a warning to researchers to follow this advice?

5. Choose one of the following. Assuming that all things except worldview are equal (scientific know-how, medical ability, economic structure), explain why one of the following would or would not have been possible in the year 1200. In other words how do these ideas fit or not fit with the worldview of the period? The codification of plants and animals (including any or all of the researchers from the beginning of the chapter)Spencer’s philosophy

6. Using the reading linked below in conjunction with the other readings, how does women’s healthcare relate to theories such as eugenics or Spencer’s philosophy or sterilization? https://press.rebus.community/historyoftech/chapte…

Cite the required readings at least 3 times, and cite broadly from a broad range, not the same reading 3 times.

Pick a question from above and answer using the attached document with readings to help answer the given questions.


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