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I want to to modify my essay to follow the rule below

Guidelines for the paper:

  • The Comparing and Contrasting paper should be 2.5 pages to 3 pages in length.
  • It should be double spaced with 1 inch margins and 12 point fount.
  • The paper should have an Introduction that clearly gives all three parts. (If you don’t know the parts, that is a problem)
  • The paper must have a hook that works, and a clear thesis that is presented as the last sentence of the first paragraph.
  • The paper should have three supporting paragraphs that are fully developed with supporting details, reasons, and examples.
  • The paper should give a conclusion where the thesis is restated in a uniques way.

This is the essay

vs. MAC

you think you the best computer that fits you? Well, a computer that runs on
Windows is normally called a PC or personal computer, it is also known as UBM
compatible computer which is frequently based on the IBM microprocessor
architecture. On the other hand, Macintosh, which is widely known as MAC,
describes computers that are originally designed, developed, marketed and
distributed by Apple Inc. Both of these brands, however, have customer loyalty
in the markets that selectively acquire them for variant and diverse purposes.
Each of these platforms has different price, operating system and quality of
materials that are used during production. In essence, the main focus of this
essay is to compare Windows and MAC platforms and examine their similarities
and differences.

the modern world, the cost of any item is vital in determining whether to
purchase an item or not. Well, MAC is seen to be very expensive since the cost
of acquiring MAC computer normally ranges from a minimum of over $400 to higher
amounts. On the other hand, Windows computers are relatively cheap compared to
MAC since they usually cost at least 40% of what MAC costs. Designers and users
justify the high cost by citing that the MAC machines are of high quality and
are developed from a top-tier support team. Whereas Windows computers are
developed by many manufacturers who are in competing against each other thus,
they find the best way to cut on costs by using various materials in the
manufacture of their machines. However, with the high quality of MAC machine,
they come with some limitations e.g. hardware upgrade in Mac is quite expensive
compared to computers that run on Windows.

MAC and Windows platforms work well for many designers. Although in the 90s,
MAC had a great reputation where most designers made it be their first choice
since it had a good selection of design applications which were superior to
Windows by then. However, nowadays both platforms work well for designers since
they both have plenty of design applications, and there is high file
compatibility between the platforms. Conversely, neither the operating system
is easier to learn. They both use Graphical User Interface and switching
between the two platforms may have difficult for users at the start but with
time the user might adapt to the demands of various systems. In essence, for the
users to be able to access various applications on these platforms they must
learn before using them the commands.

development among Windows Developers is many compared to that of MAC as a
result of its large market share. Therefore, this aspect gives a higher
competitive advantage over its rivals MAC since more people get attracted to
the Windows development platform. Windows platform has a greater flexibility
compared to the MAC. For instance, Windows platform allows users to upgrade
their systems: software and hardware point of view. MAC machines are said to be
less vulnerable to viruses, and they normally require less maintenance compared
to Windows machines. There has been an increased number of malware developed
targeting Windows machines of platforms, however; Microsoft has developed
Microsoft Security Essentials to address the issues of combating viruses. In
essence, MAC users are not likely to have any issues with social engineering


MAC and Windows have their strengths and weakness, and they have similarities
and differences. Therefore, MAC machines could be recommended if one wants to
focus more on the user interface and make it enjoyable, if one likely
anticipates issues of security and wants a straightforward approach that
requires little maintenance resources, then MAC is best suited for them.
Conversely, Windows PCs are good if users want more flexibility, system upgrade
such as hardware, and requires the use of more application software then
Windows is the best or that user.

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