IT Systems Theories – Draft DBA Project SLP

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Development of the DSP Topic Proposal:

For Module 5 Case you will be required to develop your DSP topic proposal outlining the basic problem statement and research questions you intent to explore within your selected researched field-based organization. Keep in mind the following overall parameters of the DSP:

The DSP is intended to:

  • Enhance your understanding of your field of study;
  • Provide experience conducting research in your field of study;
  • Develop your ability to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate data and conclusions in your field of study;
  • Make a significant contribution to your field of study;
  • Include a thorough review of associated professional literature;
  • Demonstrate your ability to design and carry out an individual research project;
  • Demonstrate a clear understanding of basic research principles, techniques, and ethics;
  • Demonstrate evidence of your ability to analyze and synthesize data, as well as draw and evaluate conclusions;
  • Develop skills in project planning, time management, organization, and implementation; and
  • Show evidence of a high level of professional competence

It is important to keep in mind that the DSP is not simply another graduate school assignment. The DSP is intended to help the student develop both personally and professionally. It must be scholarly, succinct, and of sufficiently high quality to be published, in part, in a peer-reviewed journal. DSP research may be cataloged and available to other researchers—seasoned professionals and academics, as well as future students—all over the world.

Submit at least a five page assignment that contains the following information as you articulate your research topic within the proposed DSP topic:

  • Develop a draft of the research problem / topic within the first two paragraphs of the assignment
  • Develop a draft set of research questions related to the selected research problem
  • What is the targeted selected organization that you plan to evaluate and apply your research / operational problem to?
  • Articulate and elaborate the characteristics and dynamics of the selected organization and how it aligns with the proposed research problem and research questions.
  • Articulate what academic and practitioner based literature supports the proposed research problem and how it relates to the selected organization.
  • Develop a set of hypothesis related to desired discoveries / outcomes of the intended research of the problem statement / topic.

SLP Assignment Expectations

Submit at minimum a 5-page paper (excluding cover sheet and references, figures, sections with bullets, and tables unless the tables are specified in the instructions), double spaced, no extra spaces, and 1-inch margins, that answers the questions using past readings and references.

The paper will have a proper main heading stating the name of the class, module number, and title of the paper. The paper will generally follow the outline above.

All assertions and key discussion points are properly cited using APA format. In other words, any sentence or paragraph that contains material derived or synthesized from the background reading or other sources will be cited. References are in APA format. All references are cited at least once.

Module 5 – Background

IT Systems Theories – Draft DBA Project

Search Terms: IT Theories, Technology Acceptance Model, Task-Technology Fit, IT Success Model, Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology, Business and IT Strategy Alignment, Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

Required Reading

There are no required readings for the case. The student will use parts of prior cases and SLPs and associated references for the Case Assignment.

Note: Unlike prior modules, we not going to highlight the important sections for the first five Ph.D.-level empirical research studies used in the SLP. Please read the Introductions, Background, and Theoretical Sections, and the results/findings. Do not worry about understanding the sections that are statistical in nature. However, if you are interested, contact the instructor and he will explain them.

SLP Reading

Davis, F. D. (1989). Perceived usefulness, perceived ease of use, and user acceptance of information technology, MIS Quarterly, September, 319:340

Taylor, S. and Todd, P. A. (1995) Understanding information technology usage: a test of competing models, Information Systems Research, 6(2), 144:175

Delone, W. H. and McLean, E.R. (1992). Information systems success -the quest for the dependent variable, Information Systems Research, 3(1), 60:95

Goodhue,D. L. and Thompson, R. L. (1995). Task-Technology Fit and Individual Performance, MIS Quarterly, June, 213:236

Venkatesh, V., Morris, M. G, and Davis, F. D. (2003). User Acceptance of Information Technology: Toward a Unified View, MIS Quarterly, 27(3), 425-478

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