paper on history of the compass before and after the 1700 period

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The Midterm Exam Paper should integrate the thesis statement from the previous assignment into a well-organized, well-written paper. It should note the specific technological transformation, how this transformation affected the two groups noted below, and the historical time period being discussed. The Midterm Exam Paper and multimedia presentation will discuss the pre-1700 period per the outline of the class. This is a history class, so make certain to provide historical context. This is due the fourth week.

Keep in mind the questions to consider (noted above in the Thesis Statement and Annotated Bibliography section).

Students must choose two (2) groups: women, laborers, farmers, believers, scientists and scholars, the middle class, the aristocracy, the agrarian poor, artisans, merchants, military people, entrepreneurs, religious authorities, heretics, artists, patients, builders and architects, physicians, musicians, entrepreneurs, or some other identified group, etc..

Then trace the impact of the chosen technological transformation on their lives, society, or culture, and the possible changes in how these groups viewed the world or the universe.

The Midterm Exam Paper requires the following:

  • a title page with title reflecting the thesis and eye-catching to the reader
  • the student’s name
  • approximately 3-4 pages (about 750 words in length)(this does not include the title page, endnotes (if used), or the bibliography page)
  • containing page numbers starting at page one after the title page
  • double-spaced
  • written in formal English
  • be well-organized with an introduction noting the thesis statement, body, and summary
  • written in a smooth narrative, with strong transitions, and no subtitles or irregular spaces between paragraphs
  • supported by citations and bibliographic references (single-spaced) in the University of Chicago/Turabian style
  • a separate bibliography page

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