Quality Management Plan for Best Care Health

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Type one page on a quality management plan for below:

You were recently hired as a project manager by Best Care Health (BCH). You impressed the hiring committee because of your experience managing HIPAA-related projects. The leaders at BCH are progressive, and they are committed to being pioneers in the field of telemedicine, which pertains to the diagnosis and treatment of patients by using telecommunications technology.

BCH operates 43 hospital campuses across the United States, and all these facilities are in rural areas. To make care more accessible to its patients, BCH wants to launch the telemedicine option as soon as possible.

Mission Statement: Best Care Health (BCH) is to provide quality, innovative, and accessible medical care to individuals residing in the areas that we service.

Vision Statement: We are committed to becoming the hospital of choice for the communities we serve, and we embrace innovative technologies that enhance the health care services we provide.

Answer needs to:

Includes quality standards used on the project.

Includes quality objectives.

Discusses quality roles and responsibilities.

Identifies project deliverables and processes that are subject to quality

Discusses quality control and quality management activities.

Identifies quality tools that will be used on the project.

Covers procedures to deal with nonconformance.

Includes any additional material relevant to quality management.


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