Reading Response– Visual Veracity: The Truth in Photography

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Photography has always been directly tied to ideas of ‘truth’ because of its ability to create impressions of things we experience in the world around us. Many photographic purists consider factual representation to be inherent to the medium, where as others feel the truth of Photography depends more on the intentions of the photographer and the context in which it’s placed. For this assignment, you will make images that support your particular version of a ‘truth’. This ‘truth’ could be about something in your life (“I am an excellent student”), apply more broadly to societal issues (“Philadelphia is racially divided”), or be totally fantastical (“Cats are taking over the world”). The purpose of this assignment is for you to consider how your use of Photography affects the meaning of the subject matter you photograph, and how that meaning can be manipulated to communicate an idea to others.

  • Reading Response is due, April 2

What You Must Do

Week 1 (March 30-April 2)

  • Review Assignment Materials
  • Complete the assigned reading and submit Reading Response via email, April 2 (I will send a group email with a prompt for your response)

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