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Minimum of two scholarly references in APA format within the last five years published

post two answers to your peers  peers of 200 words each one .TURNITIN less than10%


Politics are considered to be having more significance in the healthcare policy formulation and also tend to be having major effects on the healthcare industry and thus remaining a concept of consideration. The political system is considered to be a very important vehicle in the public health environment whereby the politicians help on the making of laws and rules which would govern the activities being conducted in the health sector (Schulte, 2017). Politicians normally budget the finances which would be allocated to the health sector and thus helping on achieving a population-wide and also lasting system that would be guided by the policies which have been made. Public health professionals should be able to have an understanding of the different dimensions of the health policies by carrying out different research on how politics in affecting the health policies and thus helping on developing the solution of the interaction between the concepts (Eneanya, 2018).

Mentors have been of great importance during the studies which I have done in the course whereby they have helped on having the expansion of my career mindset and also encouraging on the various ways in which one would take that would help on having the goals in the career which one has pursued to be achieved easily (Schulte, 2017). Mentors have also brought the impact of having improved self-esteem and minimized stress levels which learners ta times tend to be undergoing through which might be related to the work overloads from the schools or even having external influence such as the influence from families and finances changes and thus having the more defined focus on the studies. Mentoring has also improved self-confidence, improved attitude to school, high graduation rates because of improved studies whereby leaners are motivated into carrying out more studies and ensuring that they finish their studies which mean that many would qualify to graduate. Also, mentorship helps the learners on having good behaviors while they are at school whereby this would contribute into having effective learning processes whereby this would lead into having high attainments in school (Scoggins et al., 2018).


Eneanya, A. (2018). Human rights, public values, and leadership in healthcare policy. IGI Global.

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 The healthcare policy and the politics around it was the hottest topic discussed during the last few weeks. Through the topic, we realized the roles played by nurses, physicians, and others as essential stakeholders in health policy formulation and implementation (Mason et al., 2020). The various governing bodies and the local, state, and federal healthcare laws were also discussed. It is important that the discussions on the policies and the politics also touch on the roles of every stakeholder and the positive and the negative impact, among others. Through the discussion, we have acknowledged that politics is part and parcel of healthcare in policy making. We managed to articulate the roles played by some important political activities and analyses in health matters (Mason et al., 2020). The policies in place have successfully managed to assist in disease prevention, public participation, immunization, and other health reforms that are deemed crucial. Healthcare problems can maneuver and find their way into being a hot topic on the agenda. The government has an important role to play in the policy and politics of health care. In the last 15 weeks, we went through the many fragmented political institutions, the bounded rationality, the fiscal constraints, resistance from some vital interests, and how the politics adopt policy changes instead of having more comprehensive reforms tabled even if the problems are serious (Patel & Rushefsky, 2019). We discussed and, more importantly, identified some conditions that might influence healthcare transformation on a bigger scale. The challenges faced by the stakeholders in implementing and administering the healthcare policies were deeply discussed.

The mentor during the learning were very important and did a commendable job in effectively the learning process. We interacted with the professionals in the field who were rich in knowledge and experience and benefitted from getting firsthand information. We engaged and interacted, exchanging ideas and views with the mentors. The learning roves were well accounted for as lessons were engaging and interesting. The mentors’ resources were credible and informative and tougher to easily forget the sessions we were together. 


Mason, D. J., Perez, A., McLemore, M. R., & Dickson, E. L. (2020). Policy and politics in nursing and health care. Saunders.

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