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Relativism is known as a metaethical view (Mosser, K. (2013). Metaethical views are alternatives developed in contrast to the three classic theories utilitarianism, deontology, and virtue ethics (Mosser, K. (2013). “Metaethics, as employed here, is the attempt to understand what ethics is and how we can and should understand moral questions and evaluations (Mosser, K. (2013) Chap. 6. P. 13. Para. 1). I am a little confused on what relativism is completely but from what I am gathering it has something to do with culture and the beliefs that each culture has. There are three forms of relativism, and they are as followed. Relativism, Moral Relativism, and Extreme Relativism. “Even though philosophers distinguish between different kinds of relativism, we will generally use the term to mean that any ethical claim is relative to a set of beliefs and that any such ethical claim is true, or consistent with, that set of beliefs” (Mosser, L. (2013) Chap. 6. P. 16. Para. 2). I feel that even in a culture, or belief there is always going to be one or more person with a disagreement to the ethical and moral views of the culture. For example, I am a religious person was raised in a Christain home went to church every Sunday. However, now that I am an adult I still believe in GOD and still have my faith, I just do not physically go to church anymore. It is extremely hard for me to find a church that I like because I feel that a lot of churches are there for the hand out of the offerings. I know that you are supposed to give offerings, but there is a difference when a church accepts them genuinely and churches that push it and tell you that you HAVE to do it, and make you feel like you have little to no faith because you’re not donating your money to them. I feel that those churches have fallen away from actual beliefs to just wanting money to keep everything running. I now as an adult do not believe that I have to be in church every Sunday to have my faith or worship GOD.

I am still not sure I have explained relativism correctly and am completely up for learning more or gaining a better understanding from anyone willing to comment!

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