Santa Monica College Human Sexuality Essay

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first one..


Reflection #4:

Here is the link to the Dropbox folder containing the reading for Week 5:…

Here is the link to the video for Week 5:

*Please note that due to the nature of the video, you will be required to sign in to a site Please feel free to find this documentary on an other site but you may be required to pay for streaming.

For this week’s reflection you will be reading the article Is BDSM a Healthy Form of Sexual Expression and watching the documentary, Fetishes by Nick Broomfield. BOTH are required for everyone!

Below are some questions to answer in your reflection:

Using the article on BDSM, read both sides of the argument. Pick a side and tell me why you believe this authors argument?

Do you think that BDSM can lead to violence and crime? Why or why not?

What do you think attracts someone to the BDSM lifestyle?

Tell me 1 or 2 things you found interesting or learned from watching the Fetishes documentary. (something you didn’t already know)

According to Behaviorism, how does one acquire a specific fetish? Give an example.

According to Freud, how would he explain some of the sexual behaviors in Fetishes? (please discuss psychoanalytic theory and the psychosexual stages of development)

What do you think about the idea of men “giving control” to women during sex play like BDSM? Do you think there is sexism at play? Why or why not? (please explain how BDSM and sexism might be related or not)

Was there a part of the video that shocked or surprised you? Which part? Why?

You must answer ALL questions. Please make sure you use examples from the articles or videos to support your reasoning. Points will be taken off if you do not talk about the articles in your reflection. Do not think that you can write the reflection without reading or watching the videos. I WILL KNOW!!! It is very evident when students try to do this.

Remember the instructions for writing reflections; they are posted on Brightspace under Learning Path. This assignment should be in essay format (3-5 pages) NOT questions and answers and it should have a cover page. You must mention something in the articles (quotes, ideas, thoughts from the articles) in your reflection and discuss what came to mind when you read it. Make an argument as to why you agree or disagree and back it up with solid reasons. It’s ok to disagree but tell me why. Good luck writing. I look forward to reading them.


2nd essay……

Reflection #5:

For this week’s reflection, you will watch two videos about sexual surrogacy. The first is a short clip from an interview with Cheryl Cullen Green, a sexual surrogate. The second video is the movie that was made based on her life and her work as a sexual surrogate called, The Sessions.

Here is the link to each video you must watch for your reflection:

CNN News Clip – Interview with Cheryl Cullen Green

The Sessions (2012) *you may need to find this elsewhere online

Please watch both videos and answer the REQUIRED questions below:

Please answer ALL of these questions; they are REQUIRED of EVERYONE; Question 7 is optional:

1) How does the textbook define sexual surrogacy. Does the movie meet this definition?

2) Please give me 3 or 4 detailed examples from the videos in which sexual surrogacy can be used to help someone with a sexual dysfunction.

3) According to the videos, what is the difference between sexual surrogacy and prostitution? Do you agree with this distinction?

4) Why do you think people do not seek out sexual surrogate therapy for help with sexual problems?

5) Do you think this practice should be more common? Why or why not?

6) What did you think of the movie overall? What parts did you find interesting?

7) Would you use a sexual surrogate? What problems could he/she help you with? *optional*

After answering those questions, you may discuss whatever you’d like about the topic. You will lose points if you skip any of those questions. This assignment should be in essay format (3-5 pages) NOT questions and answers and it should have a cover page. You will lose points if you do not format it correctly.


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