Soda Machine computer science assignment help

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The ABC Vending Company is asking you to create a software program that shall control the operations of their new Soda Machine recently purchased. You are asked to use OOD methodology to create this software. The software program must operate the Soda Machine operations to accept money, return correct change, dispense soda, and manage its money bank and inventory, as well as allowing an operator to perform daily management of the Soda Machine.

You are asked to submit the following required deliverables:

  1. Submit a precise and complete problem statement for the software. You may reuse the above paragraph and edit it as needed.
  2. Submit a complete list of requirements, one for each operation of the Soda Machine.
  3. Submit a class design showing the necessary classes used by the software.
  4. Implement, compile and execute the software.
  5. Add construction and destruction to money
  6. Menu object

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