substances caffeine

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Here are instructions. Attached is work that I have. In bold font you can find text which is particularly bad.

For the substance you have been assigned-caffeine, answer the following questions. Essay only. Formatting is the Single space, 12 pt. font, 1 in margins, Justified (or sometimes called block) formatting. In addition to referencing textbooks—-Lambert, K. (2018). Biological Psychology New York, Oxford University Press, you must site at least four (4) more reputable sources-can be web site for example mayo clinic or similar. Peer review articles or research, other textbooks or classroom materials, experts in the field, etc.

  • Brief definition of the substance, classification, typical ingestion route(s), and primary characteristics. (1-2 paragraph)
  • What are the autonomic nervous system responses to ingestion and overdose. (1-2)
  • What are the regions of the brain (and associated cognitive and physical functioning) impacted by use or misuse. (1-2)
  • Connect the criteria in the DSM V to specific neurotransmitters, brain regions, and CNS symptoms. (2-3)
  • Discuss the role and function this substance plays in the US culture and systemic oppression. Aspects to consider: stigma of use or treatment, stereotypes with regard to racial or gendered use, role in systemic oppression, acceptability vs stigma in different forms or in comparison to other substances, and how it may play a role in traumatic events or traumatic responses. (3-4 paragraphs)
  • Find a video, handout, or article that would be useful or relevant to watch, refer to or discuss with a client. This can be commentary on any of the above factors. If it is psycho-education, take great care that it is not condescending, overly clinical, or inaccessibly academic for a 4thgrade reader. It can have a sense of humor! Briefly explain the purpose of clinical use and content. (1 paragraph) Attach a copy or provide a link.

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