The complexity of financing in health care, health and medicine homework help

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“The complexity of financing in health care is one of the primary
characteristics of medical care delivery in the United States” (Shi
& Singh, 2012, p. 129). There are numerous reimbursement methods
(e.g., capitation, fee-for-service, package pricing, etc.) that are used
by health care organizations and providers to get paid for the health
care services that they provide. Building upon your Individual Project
from Phase 1, construct a PowerPoint presentation of 10–12 slides with
speaker notes of 100–150 words per slide that contains the following:

  • Summarize 3 different reimbursement methods that are used by health care providers and organizations.
  • Choose
    which method(s) will work best for the health care facility that you
    have proposed to be developed, and explain why you chose that method(s).
  • Discuss the pros and cons of the reimbursement method(s) that you chose.
  • Discuss the impact that the method(s) may have on the financial operations of the facility that you chose.

Note: You should include a minimum of 3 references, properly cited in APA format

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