Trad medicine 3

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In The Scalpel and the Silver Bear, Dr. Alvord argues for the integration of Diné (Navaho) healing and biomedicine.

In Part I of this assignment (Due Wednesday June 23) , we ask that you consider her argument and respond to the following questions:

1. What aspects of traditional medicine does Dr. Alvord argue should be incorporated into biomedicine, and how should this be done? Be specific in what concepts and/or Dr. Alvord argues should be incorporated into biomedical practice / spaces. (approximately 100 words)

2. Do you think this type of integration is possible, particularly for non-native biomedical practitioners or patients? Provide at least two (2) arguments for whether, and how, this may be possible in biomedical practice at large or for particular specialties (such as her example of surgeons). (200-400 words)

In Part II of this assignment, you must respond to three (3) other students’ posts (Due Friday June 25). These responses must provide a thoughtful comment on the original post, and not just a congratulatory post (such as, ‘great point,’ ‘I really like what you said.). Your responses should be approximately 50-100 words.

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