Transnational Feminist Practices Against War

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Guidelines for Writing a Blog Posts:

PART ONE (2-3 sentences)

Open your blog with a few sentences where you summarize only ONE of the author’s points/perspectives that you want to address in your blog. Choose ONE point/perspective from the assigned course reading that you want to take up in your blog. You should not summarize the overall essay or the author’s overall argument. Instead, choose only ONE point/perspective that you want to write about from the reading and simply STATE what that theme or point is.

PART TWO (two paragraphs)

Write a critical analysis of the perspective you have chosen to focus on in (part one) above. Spend some time thinking about your own thoughts or reflections on the author’s perspective. Develop your own thoughts on the author’s perspective. The main idea is to demonstrate that you are grappling with the author’s perspective from your own perspective—or that you are having a conversation with the author.

PART THREE (1-2 paragraphs)

Riff/comment (blog-style) on the author’s perspective and how it is addressed in the world beyond our classroom (1-2 paragraphs). You are required to make a connection between what you read in our class and how this issue is addressed somewhere else in the world. You are required to post a link or an image as part of your post.

For examples of “blog-style” writing, see:…………


Write one sentence where you state a theme or question you would like to discuss in class.

Below I have attached the material (article) to answer these questions properly. Also I have attached the guidelines as well.

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