presenting e learning and design concepts

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According to your reading, e-learning is the use of electronic technologies to create learning experiences. Chapter 1 of your text presents ways to plan the development of online learning. After you complete the reading, create a 15 to 20 slide PowerPoint presentation which addresses the following:

  • Define e-learning and describe the varieties of e-learning
  • Explain e-learning design and instructional design (include a description of each)
  • Discuss design perspectives and influences
  • Discuss the alignment of learning goals and objectives
  • Examine the selection of teaching sequences
  • Analyze the selection of learning activities

You must include at least two references, in addition to the textbook. Your PowerPoint presentation must be 15-20 slides in length, not including title and reference slides, and formatted according to APA style guidelines as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. Along with your PowerPoint presentation, be sure to submit a Word document title page to the dropbox for grading.

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