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Employee & Labor Relations Class

MGMT 3283


Topic: Non-wage issues that unions face with in negotiating, day-to-day interactions with     members.


The paper on the selected topic is based on good quality research, integrating relevant cases and current events where applicable. It must be between 7 to 8 pages (not including cover and reference pages); APA formatted and incorporates at least 8 scholarly and credible references (all these sources must actually be used in the paper and appropriately cited). Library research is required.

·         This is the format:

·         Introduction and Overview

·         Topic: Why is topic important and how it is relevant, current research, how businesses are affected

·         Supporting cases, current events: summarized and analyzed

·         Impact on Business

·         Ethical and Biblical principles applicable to the area

·         Implications and Recommendations

·         Conclusion/s

·         Bibliography





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