How Research is Used In Evaluation

Due Wednesday 10:00 pm New York Time

How Research is Used for Evaluation

1-2 Page APA Format Three References from Provided Resources and link

Consider how research and evaluation could benefit Boys & Girls Clubs of America. A good place to start is to consider a program, problem, or policy that the organization may want to address in further detail.

Write a description of how research and evaluation can be used by this organization. Explain what program, problem, or policy could be addressed by research, and how this could benefit the organization.



( Resource Pdfs Included )

1.      Hatry, H. P. (2013). Sorting the relationships among performance measurement, program evaluation, and performance management. New Directions for Evaluation, 2013(137),19–32.
Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.


2.      Litman, T. (2008). Evaluating research quality: Guidelines for scholarship. Victoria, British Columbia:Victoria Transport Quality Institute.
Litman, T. (2012). Evaluating Research Quality Guidelines for Scholarship. Victoria Transport Policy Institute. Retrieved from Used with permission from Todd Litman.


3.       Washington State Institute for Public Policy. (2004). Outcome of Washington state’s research-based programs for juvenile offenders. Retrieved from

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