Assignment 1:


Facebook, email, electronic commerce, and collaborative sites for both work and leisure are a normal part of our everyday computing activities. Personal information entered on these websites become partially owned by the sites themselves.  Deleting items never really gets rid of them.

After reading this week’s course materials, describe what Internet users should know about one of the following topics:

  • What should you know about website privacy?
  • How do you know when an online transaction is secure?
  • Why is Anti-spyware software important to my online security?




Assignment 2:


The author of your text suggests that the ability to connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi is available everywhere Bowles, (2013). As such, there are risks to your data and personally identifiable information. These considerations are especially important when we consider connecting our home network to the Internet. We may take for granted such functionality as online banking, e-commerce, and other transactions where we share personally identifiable information. Refer to the Siles (2012) article for more information on securing your home wireless network. (https://securingthehuman.sans.org/newsletters/ouch/issues/OUCH-201201_en.pdf)



Based on this week’s readings, what are some of the important measures you can take to ensure that your home wireless network is safe and secure?




    • Chapter 4: Productivity Applications, Section 4.3: Spreadsheets
    • Chapter 5: The Web of Knowledge


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