java program ii assignment 2

Now that you have your GUI operational, it is time to take the application a step further. Management would like you to write the entered data into a file. They intend to use an application to read this file, evaluate the entered data, and display results. These results will help management to make decisions on sales force direction and expansion. Each time the ENTER button is pressed, the entered sales representative’s data will be written out to a file. A new button, EVALUATE will be added that reads in the sales representative’s data file after it has been created.

Design Requirements:

You must use pseudocode to design your algorithm for the ENTER button functionality.These design artifacts (pseudocode) will be inserted into a design document to be reviewed by your classmates and submitted with the final application for the final task.

Application Requirements:

Expand your Swing application to write the entered data out to a text file. Instead of displaying the data in the jTextArea when ENTER is pressed, change this functionality so that the data is written to a file. Name the output file salesrep.txt. Each time the ENTER button is pressed, the data will be written to the file. Write the data in the following format to a text file, using white spaces as the delimiter. Include the categories (SUPPLIES, BOOKS, PAPER) in your file to label the dollar amount sold for each category. The sales district entered should be converted to upper case (NORTH, SOUTH, EAST, WEST). Independent line separators should be used in the output file. Code for the ENTER button should be well commented.

Format of your file:

salesRepID firstName lastName SUPPLIES totalAmountSuppliesSold BOOKS totalAmountBooksSold PAPER totalAmountPaperSold district contactMeans

Example output file contents:

1001 Jennifer Ward SUPPLIES 2140.20 BOOKS 5200.10 PAPER 455.23 NORTH Phone
1003 Athena Andrews SUPPLIES 5155.55 BOOKS 6300.50 PAPER 223.25 SOUTH Email

Each time the ENTER button is pressed, the application should append a new line to the file. When the application starts, the file should be opened for appending. This file is to keep a running history of the entered data

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