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You can also earn an extra credit by turning in, either a cartoon or an article from a newspaper or magazine that relates to something we have done at any time throughout the class. To receive credits, you must satisfy the following:

You must provide me with a copy of the article and clearly mark the reference (the source, the date, page number, etc.). The article or cartoon may not be over 6 months old. (3) You must type up a one-half to one page discussion that describes how the issue relates to the material we have covered in class (indicate this with a chapter number if possible). Your write up MUST be typed.

For the articles, you can see some examples of what I’m looking for from the Economist or the Wall Street Journal. For cartoons, remember that the cartoon does not have to be directly about economics, it just has to illustrate an economic concept. If you are having trouble finding an article, try The Economist or The Wall Street Journal.

the Chapters we’ve studied are: 1,2,4,5,6,7,11,13,14,19

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