rhetorical analysis 40

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Solon, Olivia. “Snapchat’s New Map Feature Raises Fears of Stalking and Bullying.”

The Guardian, Guardian News and Media, 23 June 2017,

focusing the analysis on the rhetorical choices the author makes in the source.

To successfully complete the assignment:

The process:

PART 1: Analyzing the author’s argument. Consider who wrote the argument, why the message was created this way and howeffective it was.

  • Identify the speaker, audience, purpose, argument, and perspective.
  • Determine the effects of point of view on an author’s interpretation/argument
  • Develop and support a thesis about the text’s choices with details from the text itself.
  • Identify how the purpose of the text is achieved through the choices a writer makes.
  • Evaluate the degree to which the writer’s argumentative choices are effective and ethical.

PART 2: Presenting your argument

  • In the introduction make sure to identify the author, article, thesis, and main point
  • End the introduction with a thesis that presents your opinion (in 3rd person) as to why the author’s argument was effective, somewhat effective, or not effective. Focus on 3 or more main rhetorical elements.
  • Support your argument about each element in a well-written paragraph
  • Demonstrate effective logical reasoning in written prose
  • Incorporate paraphrases and quotations smoothly and honestly into writing. Make sure to use proper in-text citations with paragraph numbers for each example from the text.
  • Write well using concise language in 3rdperson.
  • Create a proper Works Cited page.

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