Violence expressed through genocide

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This paper will focus on violence as expressed through terrorism or genocide; students can choose either of these topics. Both of these are difficult to fully define as there are different perspectives on these behaviors, however there are official definitions from which to work. Students will need to define the behavior so it is clear what is being discussed; research the history, trends and patterns, who is doing this to whom, and specific types of this violence. Because either of these can be a broad topic, a focus on a particular example would be appropriate.

Attention should be given to the possible explanations for this type of violence. We may have our assumptions and beliefs for why these types of violence occur in our world today but we need to examine them in light of the empirical evidence shared in journal articles and government reports. How can this type of behavior be explained? It is a critical area to evaluate and causes/risk factors can range from individual to cultural, groups, etc.

Further, the paper should address what has been tried and is being tried to intervene and/or curtail this type of violence in the world. Most interventions presuppose a cause or explanation for the behavior. Again, there are some excellent resources available from journals and government reports. Punishment and/or government enforcement is generally considered necessary by most, but that alone has not been fully sufficient to prevent, or at times, even reduce these expressions of violence. The paper should conclude with your reasoned analysis on the topic based upon your research.

This paper is to be a minimum of 6 pages (not counting title and reference pages) with a minimum of 7 academic and primary sources. Need done in two hours, no more.

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