What’s the initation of the story?

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Growing Up: A Universal Journey. Students will read several different genres that all deal with the subject of initiation into adulthood, some literary, some informational. Taking this central theme, students will explore the topic of initiation intellectually by reading from a variety of sources, and by reflecting on their own experiences. Students will begin to explore the process of writing an analysis of how the theme of initiation is treated differently from genre to genre. This first unit will also afford students the opportunity to piece together the case for documentation as they move from source to source. The rudiments of both conducting research and then utilizing it in one’s writing will be explored and practiced. The new MLA procedures will be reviewed.

Additional information

  • The instructions will be listed on page 1 of the attachment.
  • 6-8 paragraphs
  • Introduction should name the three works
  • The second section should discus each work
  • What its about
  • What’s the initiation of the story with 1-2 strong quotes

The works chosen are:

  • The Money by Diaz, Junot (true story)
  • A&P by John Updike
  • The Sanctuary of school by Lynda Barry (true story)


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